News Day Report

May 7, 2010

On April 30 me and my peers turned our news room into a modern-day multimedia news centre.I was specifically working with the Westminster Radio group, and making a website to coincide with their stories. As if I was the online part of the news channel, writing updates and longer features of the stories which were going to be on the radio. It was very interesting because we were working ‘for’ them in a sense. It wasn’t that we had to come up with the stories, we had to support them with their stories, and getting our online readers interested in listening to our radio show.

For example, legally news broadcasts have to have the names of all of the candidates running for MP or Prime Minister written down somewhere, so there cannot be any claims of bias reporting. On the radio show they spoke specially about Tony Blair showing support for  one of the candidate for Harrow MP. In order to satisfy all of the legal regulations, on the website we had to list all the candidates. So I posted an article talking about the surprise visit, but also naming all of the candidates with full links to their websites.

Then I wrote an article focusing on a sports match, with a video of the highlights. The sports match was going to be reviewed in detail on the radio show, however I thought it would be a good way to mix mediums to put a video on the website. So people could listen and watch all aspects of the match on our website. The last article I posted on the Westminster Online Blog, was about the recent news about the teacher who beat a student with a dumb bell. I wrote a short article, giving details about the event and how the court reacted, but most importantly it was in order to get our readers talking to us and sharing their opinion on the situation. The most important thing I think about a multimedia news channel, is getting readers involved and covering all medium and aspects of the news, video, print, radio, and online.



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