Weco-The Green Connection, and Me.

May 7, 2010

WECO is an environmentally friendly wiki, which updates its readers on environmental issues, restaurants, technology, and campaigns. It is a portal for anyone who has an idea, update or a review to go and upload their posts onto the website. In theory the aim is for the site to be very user-generated stimulated.

My role in the website was editing my section, which was experience, looking at environmental issues like carbon footprint, environmental art and fashion. This also meant I had to find articles on the internet, either from newspapers or other bloggers which fit the criteria of the section. My personal stories for the wiki were a longer article about air travel and its carbon footprint and effect on the environment. My second one was going around London finding vegetarian places to put in our Eat section.

Overall I thought the group could have worked better together as a whole, but I think the final product we came up with was very satisfying. The layout and colours are very simple, making it user-friendly, hopefully encouraging people to take part. Also, we had different sections and topics available to cover so the target market was very wide. The aim is to have information about all the environmentally events, campaigns, locations, and general things going on in London. Our base would be London, just because it is a city which is already very ‘organic’ orientated, and are very open-minded and socially involved, so it would work great. It is also a very original idea, in the sense that it is a place for environmentally friendly people to talk and learn more about each other and the things going on around them.

My favourite aspect of the project was talking to other bloggers about posting their work in my section. I thought it was very cool that other people were writing about the same topics as us, and they were willing to contribute to our project. One blogger even offered to post up a post about WECO.

I thought it was a very good idea, and the layout was fun with the icon nav bar. I liked how we had a very special tone to our layout, with specific colours and style of images. I think if it was a real website, and we had advertising it would do well in the market, especially now that everyone is becoming more and more eco-friendly.


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