Last Time Blog

May 10, 2010

I have always loved talking to people. I find myself always giving the same answer to the question, “so what do you think you going to do after university?”. I always say, “if I could, I would interview someone everyday, and live off of that”. Not sure if that will ever happen, but I managed to incorporate this dream of mine in my university project (at least I’m not depending on being paid for my ideas…just yet)

Initially I wanted to do a ‘first time’ blog, where I asked people about their ‘first times’ that they felt or experienced a specific feeling or event. But thru research and bouncing my ideas of friends and family. I realised that perhaps ‘first time’ is a little far-fetched. I don’t think I even remember the ‘first time’ I felt helpless, and people would probably fill the gaps that they didn’t remember with cliché stories and details. That’s not what I wanted, I wanted real emotions and real stories. So I changed it to the ‘last time’ in hopes of the person remembering all the details, and showing the emotion they were feeling at the time.

My questions were the last time you felt helpless and the last time you felt empowered. I wanted to have a reason behind the people I talked to, not just randomers. So i decided to talk to people who usually were perceived as very strong, or were going through a hard time and no one really knew about it. So I interviewed a paramedic, a Nigerian doctor, a recovering alcoholic, and an unemployed New Zealander. They all were very responsive to my proposition and all agreed to participate in my project right away. I would explain to them that I felt it was important to share their stories, of where they came from, what they’ve seen and gone through.It was very difficult to get more people, to be honest. In the beginning I wanted to get at least 6, but not everyone was as helpful and willing as they were.

This project was a slight challenge for me, I have worked with blogs and WordPress before and feel quite confident creating one now. But I was never very confident with film, and this project was very film and interview based. Editing was also never my forte, so I found that the hardest challenge. Even looking at the final products, I can see the quality of the editing looks a bit amateur. In theory I wanted to keep it as real as possible, trying not to edit a lot out of the interview, and adding in lots of fancy effects (even though I did try). If I were to do it again, perhaps perfect my editing skills before starting the project would have been intelligent. But I loved the actual action of filming and interviewing at the same time. It was very cool and interesting as to the direction of the film, and what you want your viewer to see and what feeling you are trying to portray through the film.

All in all I am quite pleased with the interviews I managed to obtain and think they were very good in conveying the overall message of my blog. Yet, the best part about this whole project, was getting to ride in a speeding ambulance through central London..with no seat belt on 🙂



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