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Slow Down London

April 23, 2009

This weekend if you want the chance to ‘slow down’ then join in on this new project held in one of the busiest cities in the world. There are various events teaching people how to take it easy and do stuff properly in their day to ady lives. Instead of running to get the tube, leave a bit earlier and walk. I feel like even if your not in a rush somehow London’s atmosphere makes you run, and if that is’nt it then its the 100 people behind you trying to push through to cross the street. I think we are forgetting what it is like to walk, to take in the sites and maybe the sun does’nt shine here often but when it does, instead of putting yourself underground get the bus, or better yet,walk! I think people are getting too stressed for this day and age, I think there is too many emphasis on work and the ‘time is money’ theory. SO people need to realise time isn’t money, and that we do have the time to stroll instead of creating a stampead.

Look at their website for more information:


Home Sweet Home

February 20, 2009

Living away from home in a different country is a lot more difficult than what movies and people boast about. Yes, you get to live by yourself, come home when you want, eat whenever and whatever you want, but it is a lot more complicated than that. First there are all the document issues I needed to take care of not being a European citizen, it was difficult enough trying to find a doctor because of the insurance or the location, then trying to pay the rent from an account from abroad was a nightmare. I think the reception people hated me for a period of time and thought that I was doing it on purpose. Then obviously I get the usual jokes from friends that I have a ‘language barrier’ and I don’t understand English or can’t speak it (this I let them believe, because even though I CAN speak English, sometimes their jokes just aren’t funny). When in fact I have studied in English all my life was born in America, but have been living in Italy for the past five years and my family is Brazilian, so I can see where they get confused in my life story.

For me the weirdest thing about living away from home is how quickly the transition is between going home and being at Uni. I usually take the 6:00 am flights with Ryanair because even though they are the most inconvenient they are the cheapest. So I wake up in my little room, always a mess before I leave because I find it weird taking clothes back home, it is almost like it is a sign that I DON’T live there anymore, which I still don’t want to believe. I wake up when other students are probably just going to bed from their crazy night out. Then once at Stansted airport I have to check in and hand in my luggage still half asleep from packing last minute the night before. Getting on the plane is like a rat race, since Ryanair has no assigned seating it’s like a free for all when the doors of the buses open in front of the stairs which look like they could be blown away in the evening wind. I always manage to find a good seat, well a good enough seat from Ryanair’s great selection of small tight seating arrangement. I prefer sitting in the aisle, I guess it has become a habit from years of travelling with my family me and my sisters fighting for the aisle seat or trying to convince the youngest she has to sit in the middle because she is the smallest. However, on a 6:00 in the morning flight, it doesn’t really matter where I sit because I sit down and before they even start the safety presentation I am already on my second dream. So in theory I should sit in the window, which would be smarter so I could rest my heavy head on something, and not be awoken if the person next to me has to use the toilet, and even knowing this I always sit in the aisle seat.

I am awoken by the sound of cheering and applauding which seems to be the Italian tradition when the plane safely lands in its destination. I love getting off the plane in Rome Ciampino, it just feels like home from the moment I feet touch the floor. It smells Italian, feels Italian, and hearing Italians turning on their phones first thing on the bus telling everyone they know they have arrived is the cherry on top of the already great ‘gelato’.

This is when I start to realise how small the world is, wake up in Harrow, breakfast in Stansted, lunch in my own house, dinner in central Rome and finally sleep in my comfy double bed. There’s nothing like going home.