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Ipad held up in US…literally

May 7, 2010

There are rumors that Apple’s new invention, the iPad, might be arriving even later this month due to the craze it caused in the United States. The unexpected demand has caused a delay in shipment over to Europe.

It was meant to launch in the UK end of April, but now the launch date has not been yet announced, however they are taking pre-booking from Monday 10 May.

According to the Guardian Apple said “more than 500,000,it says,have been delivered to retailers and customers in its first week on sale”. It is currently on sale for $499 for the cheapest model. Apple have not released the market price for Europe yet, maybe in order to control the amount sold here they will increase the price (lucky Europeans).

So good luck in getting your hands on one of the pocket-size touch-screen computers, they are hot stuff.


April 30, 2010

Reuters, a news service which has journalists all around the world, launched a UK website and are starting to consider charging their readers for the availability of their content.

They are giving into the way the modern society is consuming news. The new site will have more multimedia stories and they are aiming to have more of a interaction with consumers.There is also going to be a wider range of stories, allowing new advertisers and consumers to get involved with the website.

In an interview by Press Gazette of Tim Faircliff, head of consumer media for Reuters UK, he said that “the flexibility on topics is for both users and, importantly for an ad-supported model, for the advertisers to be able to offer them flexible opportunities that were previously not there.

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Blogs Part 2

April 23, 2010

Last month I picked out three blogs which I was currently reading that I found interesting enough to share.I am sure you are like me, and just can’t get enough of the blogs which people from all around the world are creating for our benefit. So here are three more.

Enjoy. These will make you laugh.


Am I allowed to say that?

April 16, 2010

Libel laws have always put journalists on an unstable plank, never knowing which step could cause it to break. Ben Goldacre gives his opinion on libel laws and how they act as a  “mussel” journalists.

Libel laws: a lethal muzzle of medicine

The chiropractors’ absurd pursuit of Simon Singh is over, but libel laws are still a real health hazard

After two years of pursuing one man through the courts, at a cost to him of £200,000 and two years’ work, the British Chiropractic Association yesterday dropped their libel case against science writer Simon Singh. The case was over a piece he wrote for the Guardian in these very pages (now republished at Comment is free), criticising the BCA for claiming that its members could treat children for colic, ear infections, asthma, prolonged crying, and sleeping and feeding conditions by manipulating their spines…

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Diagnosis: Technology Addiction

March 19, 2010

London has recently become the first city in the UK to start treating “technology addicts”

Capio Nightingale hospital is emitting patients who abuses the use of social networks, the internet and video games. (Yet so far only private patients are treated).

Apparently the way to spot an addict, according to Dr Richard Graha the mastermind behind the treatment, is if they are acting “chronically agitated or irritable” after being away from technology for too long.

The treatment is said to last about 28 days, in which hopefully the patient learns not to avoid technology, but to know how to control their use.

Dr Graha says the danger of being addicted to technology is that it affects other aspects of your lifestyle, causing you to do less physical activity and have less social encounters, which are both important for physical and mental health.



March 12, 2010

Blogs have become something so popular, and have come very far from where they first started. They started out almost as personal electronic diaries for people to write about, and only family and friends would read. However now there is a lot of money generating around blogs.

Here are three which I found that are worth mentioning:


It’s official, online has taken over.

March 5, 2010

Pew Research Centre an American research company which looks at the public and press, recently found that online news is more popular than print and radio

With 61% of people using the internet for their daily news, online has crawled up to the third position ahead of newspapers and radio.

Online has news has exploded over the years especially with the development of technology. Smart phones have become so popular as a medium to control all aspects of your life in one device. They allow people to have access to online news 24/7.

Society’s relationship with the online world is becoming stronger everyday, more and more people are getting involved in citizen journalism and using social networking sites like Facebook to “share information and stories” to their social circles.

Pew also found that “37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it”.

Lets be honest, in the fast pace world we live in it is easier to have all of the information you want available to you at anytime you want. Yet, is it too much?

Apparently 70% of the people who were questioned said they felt overwhelmed with the amount of information they had access to. It is true, information has begun to spread at the speed of light, or of a click. We are all entering in information overload mode, and there is not much we can do about it, but accept it, and try to read a newspaper once in a while.