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Marley and Me

March 15, 2009

Unfortunately I was not there to witness it but apparently this movie made my whole family cry, including the only man in the house. We have a golden retriever called Rocky, he’s, in our opinion, the greatest dog ever and watching Marley and Me made us realise this even more. Marley and Me is a film about a couple who get a dog, Marley, he is like your average cute yellow Labrador, cute big eyes, small paws on the energy of any playful puppy. However as he grows the only thing that stays the same is the colour of his fur. His cute eyes become older and more devious, his small paws become more like claws which throw down rubbish bins, steal food, and destroy well-kept gardens. Marley is a mess. Thank god Rocky is nothing like Marley, the worst he has does was eat the material off the couches because we would leave him home alone for too long when he was a puppy. But now at the mature age of 3 in human years Rocky is very relaxed and protectful of his owners, which is exactly what we needed from our dog in a chaotic family of five. In the film Marley annoys everyone doesn’t obey any rules and does whatever he wants, however the family still loves him. This is understandable to people who have dogs. They become a member of the family, and you speak to them, play with them, and look forward to seeing them when you come home. Rocky is only one who you know will be happy to see you when you walk through the front door. Marley and Me has a sad ending, which made dog-lovers around the world shed a tear, a dog’s loyalty to its owner is the strongest bond between an animal and a human. So for people who hate dogs, maybe this movie will convert you. You won’t see a cat chew straight through dry wall or play football in the garden and always let you win.


w.w.w. : worst website in the world

February 13, 2009

When surfing the web becomes as hard as actual surfing.

Hopefully you’ve practiced shooting targets before trying to apply to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln Architecture. The navigation of this website doesn’t exsist its falling words from the top of the website to the bottom, and you have a sharp laser shooter to catch the words and find out more information. Maybe it’s part of the application process, you only get to know about the programs if you are fast enough to catch the words before they reach the end.

The runner up for the worst website in the world prize, is suitable only for 18+, so if your looking to buy a toilet with TOTO, make sure there are no minors in the room. This website exposes too much information, already the thought of a toilet that cleans you after is disturbing, and it doesn’t get any better with the website. Their slogan, is ‘clean is happy’, however seeing six naked bums with flashing smiley faces on them, and then having the owners of the bums revealed to you, with ‘dentist white’ smiles, makes someone anything but cheery. Even after the demonstrations of how the toilet works, and the cheery people explaining in detail how the water cleans and warms your bottoms at the same time, the enthusiasm from the people, scare you more than attract you to be like them, clean bums and all.